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How it Works

Will Jones

Get In Touch

To make contact, click here to email or use the contact form. Please provide as much information as you can about your music and how many songs you will be submitting. References to other music and drummers are welcome!


Will Jones

Send and Discuss

Send your songs to me via email. If you have used programmed drum tracks, please provide mixes of the songs with and without the drums. After I have received your files, we will further discuss your requirements for the drum tracks. At this point I will give you a price and an estimated turnaround time.


Will Jones


I record the first take of the drum track and return it to you via email for your feedback. First-time customers must pay half the full project fee at this point in order to proceed.



Will Jones

Any Changes?

We discuss any corrections to the drum track which you feel may be required – if any! Generally tracks are completed on the first take or with a small number of corrections.


Will Jones

Payment and Delivery

Upon receipt of full payment via PayPal, the final drum track(s) will be delivered in the format you specified before the recording process began. All files will be uploaded to my server (unless you specify an alternative, such as Dropbox) and I will provide a link via email.

  • Samples

  • Videos

  • A quick turnaround
  • Good communications
  • Affordable prices
  • A variety of delivery options
  • Great sound
  • Multiple retakes
Contact Will

Email: will@drumtracksdirect.co.uk

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