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Online Session Drummer

By choosing to work with me, you will be utilising the services of an online session drummer with over 400 credits, proven testimonials and over a decade of experience in recording over the internet – yes, I made my first online recordings in 2000!
Will Jones In addition to sessioning, I have thirteen years of experience playing in bands and backing songwriters – I know the drums’ place within the framework of a song and I know how to play with or against the music. I also play guitar.
Will Jones I am intuitive and am able to pick up on what songwriters are looking for, just from the text in emails. I know how that big fill going into the chorus to sound, I know where I should sit back and play simple.
Will Jones Do you need a strict replication of your programmed drums, or do they need to be improved? I have an excellent ear and am able to go right in and decipher the original drum parts or sweeten them up.
Let me know if you need drums for your project and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Click here to get in touch.

  • Samples

  • Videos

  • A quick turnaround
  • Good communications
  • Affordable prices
  • A variety of delivery options
  • Great sound
  • Multiple retakes
Contact Will

Email: will@drumtracksdirect.co.uk

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