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Online Session Drummer Will Jones

Will Jones Online Session Drummer Drum Tracks DirectWelcome! I’m Will Jones and I’m online session drummer. I record drum tracks for songwriters, bands and producers worldwide, over the internet, from my studio in Hertfordshire, UK.

Whether you’re a home recorder or a pro, my goal is to ensure that you receive drum tracks which will give your songs the lift and backbone you are looking for. Your input is valuable to the development of the tracks and you are involved right through to the end of the creation process.

Once the drum tracks are completed, I deliver them via email in multitrack format. In addition to having a drum kit and room optimised for recording, I have a range of gear (snare drums, percussion and sticks/brushes/rods) to ensure that I have the right tools for every session.

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Email: will@drumtracksdirect.co.uk

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